As we get ready this week to eat a lot of food around the table it might also be a good time to get out of the house. You know how cousin Jason gets on your nerves. Challenge him to a little game of flagfootball. 

Now I see it is going to be a little nippy on Thanksgiving so bundle up! Some other ideas for chilly fun.

There are bunch of 5Ks going on around town. Why not burn off some of those calories by walking, running or jogging for a few miles. This could even be a new tradition wherever you go.  

For those of you who like to head off road you might like to try the Urban Wilderness in Knoxville. Bike, hike or just meander to your heart's content. There is a lot to explore for every member of the family. Find out more information here Urban 411. Also, don't forget that Ijams has some great trails as well as being part of the Urban Wilderness. Just make sure you bring your helmet for biking and a leash for your dog.

Of course some folks don't want to go too far from the leftover or the football games so maybe something  little close to home might be more the ticket.  Cornhole is one way of annoying people with your wit and skill. Maybe just a game of catch with the younger kids would be fun.

As always it is a time to give thanks and for many you will be with your families and some will be traveling to see theirs. Remember that some people might not have a chance to see family so set that place for one more and let them be thankful that you are such a great friend. Either way have fun and enjoy all the outdoor stuff Knoxville has to offer.