It's the weekend and when people want to know where to go in town where do you tell them? We found this fun list on brit+co and what do you know our friends at Preservation Pub have one of the "Best Rooftop Bars in America to Celebrate Summer On" so read up and get your summer on! We'll take #31 and have another!


The 40 Best Rooftop Bars in America to Celebrate Summer On

by Kelli Korducki

Summer is FINALLY here, also known at Brit + Co as sandals, colorful sunnies and DIY crop top season. Or, more precisely, “drinking in sandals, sunnies and DIY crop tops” season. And what better way to enjoy the balmy breezes than with a crew of your BFFs and your icy beverage of choice on a hip ‘n’ happening rooftop bar? There is no better way, we say.

30. Three Sixty Rooftop Bar, St. Louis, MO

31. Preservation Pub, Knoxville, TN


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