I've heard it. You may have heard it, but now I know it's true. There may or may not be spirits roaming around the Bijou Theatre, but there is definitely an aura after the performance by The Civil Wars. This isn't Pitchfork, so I hope you're not disappointed that this will not be an eloquent dissertation on the duo's musical genius. No, this is just a rambling about their commanding presence inside a historic theatre that Joy Williams said felt like a large living room. I'm guessing, from a couple of house shows that I've been to, that she means intimate. Yes, there were a few hundred people around me at this sold out show but it really felt like I was the only other person in the room. I was privy to their playfulness hidden from the rest of the world that night. It was exquisite. When they sang Barton Hollow the room bellowed along with John Paul's soulful voice while the first chords of Poison and Wine ushered in an eerie silence. The Bijou was certainly haunted that night but it was by lyrics and passion instead of apparitions and lost souls.

P.S. Not to flame the fire that the Bijou is haunted (it is), but I have a friend whose young daughter called out to him to come down stairs and tell the guy behind him to come too. He turned around and no one was there. He then asked her who and she said "the guy right behind you" and then skipped away. Creepy.