This seems like the perfect job for a lover of history and it's future. You could become a caretaker for the Bethel Confederate Cemetery in Knoxville.  

Hazen Historical Museum Foundation has been entrusted with the management and care of Bethel Confederate Cemetery in Knoxville.  Beginning in 1861, a portion of Knox County’s cemetery was reserved for the burial of Confederate dead.  Through the efforts of Knoxville’s Ladies’ Memorial Association and decades of caretaking by the Winstead family, Bethel Cemetery was developed into a suitable memorial to the sacrifice of these men.  Today, the property consists of 2.4 acres of ground, a monument erected in 1892, several plaques containing the names of those buried here, and an 1881 caretaker’s cottage.  Within the cottage is a small museum dedicated to Knoxville’s place in the Civil War.