We got the news today that Knoxville is one of livability.com's Best Places to retire. Number 2 actually so kudos to us! We like when this website chooses our great city for many reasons, Livability.com, is a national website that ranks quality of life and travel amenities of America’s small to mid-sized cities.

Their editors used "data from Esri and the County Health Rankings to find cities with access to a large number of hospitals and doctors and low health-care costs. Housing affordability measured by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Location Affordability Index was also taken into account. Several measures including overall cost of living, natural amenities, climate, number of golf courses, walk score, and crime rate were selected from our overall Best Places to Live metrics with special attention paid to specific concerns of seniors and Boomers."

Then they spent more time looking into what makes Knoxville great for seniors. This is what a lot of us have come to know and love we have a low cost of living, a lot of entertainment and have you checked out our urban wilderness and parks? This doesn't just make Knoxville a great place to live to it makes our city an awesome place to visit. Free museums, food from some of the finest chefs in the region and venues that put bigger cities to shame! We want everyone to come and visit and we are pretty happy that some folks might even think of making this their home.

To read the full article click here http://livability.com/best-places/top-10/best-places-to-retire/best-places-to-retire/2014 to learn more about visiting Knoxville click here www.visitknoxville.com

Best Places to Retire 2014

 1.  Springfield, MO

 2.  Knoxville, TN

 3.  Bellevue, WA

 4.  Largo, FL

 5.  Wheat Ridge, CO

 6.  Honolulu, HI

 7.  Albuquerque, NM

 8.  Tucson, AZ

 9.  Missoula, MT

 10. Coeur d’Alene, ID