This morning we bid farewell to about 100 participants in the Smoky Mountain Rally. Everyone from the Ghostbusters to some milk men were revving their engines for the charity rally. The teams were up early this morning as was our team and Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett. After the teams all got to their cars they were given the directions and off they went. 

Established in the winter of 2009, Rally North America is a not-for-profit organization, aimed at bringing automotive enthusiasts from all over the United States and Canada, together for the purpose of Auto rallying. Each rally organized by Rally North America carries a common idea, driving for a cause. Rally North America believes that by combining the love of the automotive lifestyle and a worthy charity organization, it is possible to do something “good” through the automotive hobby. 

Here's hoping no one gets a ticket because then you are out! Good luck and safe travels to all the teams...even the minion.

To learn more about Rally North America check out their website

We put some pictures on our facebook page