Ok, so we are a week or so into the New Year and some of us have made resolutions, I mean BIG resolutions to change the way we live. Me not so much; I have made some simple resolutions that, hopefully, within the realm of my tiny brain.

So, I think, as a whole, we should make some resolutions together. Something like, I promise to try and do at LEAST a blog a week that is entertaining. So maybe your resolution is to do at LEAST one thing a month in Knoxville, if you live here, and if you don’t, how about we just say you visit Knoxville at least once this year.  Seems simple enough.

Like to ride bikes or run?  I say no to running, but I’ll walk wherever you want… Let’s try a different greenway than we usually go to.

Have a favorite dish at that place on the corner?  Great, but try one of the other spots around town. Seriously, I am always amazed at the food we have here in Knoxville. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; these folks are passionate about food.

Like music but you are still listening to 8 track tapes? Go to a music festival in Knoxville. The beauty of a festival is if you don’t like one artist, there’s another one coming up in a few or you can head down the street to a different venue.  PLUS, you might find the next big star and you can say, “Oh I saw him/her when they were in Knoxville.” It’s fun to pretend to be hip… I do it every day.

I think we can start small and go from there; baby steps to a better you and year.