In Knoxville we have a lot of great things. It's my job to tell you about all these great things so sometimes you might be wary of what I am telling you. I get it. Really I am a human that doesn't always trust what other people say, and in this world who knows what it paid for and what is not.

So I decided that maybe it is time to have some of our community members take a stab at "take-overs."  I looked through my friend list and decided on one guy I know does almost everything he can in our city. Now Jody is a bit taller than the rest of us and so he just started his own business called the Feral Giant. I say this so you don't think I am being offensive by calling him a giant because of his stature.

I woke up nice and early to see that he had started the day off in a beautiful spot that some folks have never been to! Seven Islands State Birding Park

With pictures like these to start off the day why not follow along? One thing Jody did throughout his day was when he met people or the business owner he took a picture for future posts on his facebook page Feral Giant.

I love that business owners in our community opened their doors to Jody. This is what makes Knoxville awesome. Even better, we saw a bunch of the folks Jody had seen through out the day at Jackie's Dream for lunch. Of course this is where I had to make sure Jody was having an okay day and full disclosure I paid for his lunch.

So instead of making you read more about what Jody did head over to our instagram to follow along or head to Feral Giant. Either way we think you'll be entertained. Also we are hoping that Jody comes back and takes over again so say nice things. lol 

Plus we got this from Jody right after he was done:

"Huge thanks to Visit Knoxville for asking me to be part of their very first Instagram take over! Below is just a small sampling of things, places, and people that I think make Knoxville a fascinating and wonderful place to live. On Feral Giant, I’ll be posting more in depth profiles on each of the folks I chose to cover, if you would like more info. Thanks!" - Jody 

Three Bears Coffee Company  Status Serigraph Food Truck Park