Now that the warmth of summer is well on its way, don’t let your nighttime fun be limited to bars and backyards. Here are three great options for getting out after hours near Knoxville. 

As earth becomes evermore electrified and lit, it’s becoming harder and harder to track down a perfect night’s sky. Not so long ago, even those living near cities could see a great host of stars in the sky and often even catch trace edges of the white, cloudy line of the Milky Way Galaxy. Today, though, street lights are ubiquitous and densely clustered, in most residential areas, and the constant glow of cities makes it sometimes hard to discern even the most prominent constellations.

Luckily, the International Dark-Sky Association has named several “dark-sky parks” around the world to encourage dark night education and conservation, and one of the parks is right here in East Tennessee!

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