Why is Knoxville such a perfect place to shoot a feature film or television show? Let us count the ways. Many would ask, “If it’s so perfect, why isn’t anyone doing it?” In fact, Knoxville is one of the leading cities in the entire country for the production of cable programming. Companies like Jupiter Entertainment, RIVR Media, Scripps Networks, Lusid Media, North South Productions, and Red Arrow, churn out quality programming for networks like the Oxygen Channel, Investigation Discovery, TV One, DIY, The Weather Channel, and others every day.

What does this mean to out of town producers? Well, with all of the production going on in the city, it means we have a talented, experienced crew base from which to draw. Productions coming into town can staff their entire project with knowledgeable professionals that will make their project look great.

Speaking of looking great, Knoxville shines through the lens of a camera. No matter what look you are going for, Knoxville has it. We can look like a big city or a small town. We have an abundance of lakes and forests and the Great Smoky Mountains are in our backyard. We also have historic neighborhoods that can serve as a backdrop for period pieces.

Knoxville is home to a number of talented actors who can bring your story to life. Our on-camera talent has been seen in some of the most recent biggest films and television shows. We have an airport located 15 minutes from downtown, and for accommodations, we have you covered, boasting over 8,000 hotel rooms in the Knoxville area ready to house your cast and crew. Knoxville also hosts several film festivals throughout the year that showcase local filmmakers as well as filmmakers from across the country.

Knoxville is very film-friendly. With an uncomplicated and efficient permitting process, free production office space for qualifying productions, location scouting services, and no fee for filming on any city owned property, our city is very welcoming to any size production.

For all of these reasons, Knoxville is definitely ready for its close up. Contact our Film Office at film@knoxville.org for more information.