According to the Travel & Leisure Magazine Knoxville is 8th in their America's Favorite Places Poll. Well Knoxville keeps on rolling! We have been named one of America's Friendliest Places. Ahem, that would be number FOUR. We are nestled in between Nashville (5) and Madison, Wisconsin (3), which is a great place to be.

Of course we are a friendly bunch! You really cannot meet a stranger in Knoxville and usually they’ll hug you’ve before you finished your chat. Need directions? Just ask. I’m not saying it because I work at Visit Knoxville; I am saying it as someone from away. I moved here 10 years ago knowing 1 person. Now I cannot think of anyone I won’t talk to, tell a story or share a beer with… well except that one person I used to know. We’ll worry about that later.

Knoxville is just one of those places where when you see something on someone’s plate at a restaurant and you ask them what it is and if it is good. They actually answer you. Where I am from, they pretend that their phone is ringing and pick up a pokemon. Heck even the animals are friendly, have you met Spoon the pig that walks around downtown?

I’m sure there were more things that went into the Travel & Leisure article, but honestly Knoxville does have some of the friendliest people and places on the planet, we’ll treat you like a local. San Antonio we are coming for you.

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