Part of my job is to tell people how great a place Knoxville is to visit. So, I get to meet a lot of folks who have never been here, “Oh, I’ve driven by but never stopped” or the “I was here during the 1982 World’s Fair, it’s changed a lot.” Yes, Knoxville has changed; we actually are on a list from Tripadvisor as a “Destination on the Rise.” When we got the call from Tripadvisor a few weeks ago for some items, we were curious. When people call, they don’t always tell us why they want the photos or information; they just want it. So, we hand it over and wait. We were quite excited to be on this list with some other amazing destinations; Hawaii, California, North Carolina to name a few.   Lists like these are always subject to their author or the web traffic, but we are excited to be with some great company, and we’ll keep telling people how great our city is for a meeting, a visit and just to call home. 

Here is the list from Tripadvisor

Here's another article from the Huffington Post