Testing Pokemon Waters in Knoxville

Pokémon GO is a new smartphone application that blends real world locations with an augmented reality. The app’s premise is to catch, train, and battle Pokémon or “pocket monsters”. Unlike most other video games and apps, the Pokémon GO’s GPS feature forces the user to get up and walk outside to be able to play the game. You have probably seen these “Pokémon trainers”, walking around fixated on their phones in hopes of catching something rare.

Here in downtown Knoxville, Pokémon GO players have flooded the streets in hopes to become a Pokémon master. I have personally walked around Knoxville and found the best locations to find these creatures. World’s Fair Park is known for its family friendly environment but also is the best place to catch rare Pokémon. On an average night you can see anywhere from 50 to over 100 people playing this new craze. The University of Tennessee’s campus also offers a great layout for walking and a fantastic environment to play with other users. These spots are known to be popular locations but are not the only place to play. If you are hunting for Pokémon between dusk and dawn, then Knoxville’s parks are great places to enjoy the afternoon with friends.

Only time will tell if the Pokémon craze will last. Most apps have the history of becoming an overnight sensation and then dying out by the end of the year. With this sensation being as big as it has, there is reason to believe it is here to stay.