The holidays are coming up and every year it’s a struggle trying to figure out the perfect present for your family and friends.  Sure, you can get them a gift card, but do you really want to tell them “here’s how much you mean to me, I got you something generic so I don’t really have to think about who you are as a person.”?  Of course not!  Today we’ve got ideas for everyone on your list, including Fido, so read on!

Beer Drinker

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1. Beer Drinker

There are so many places in Knoxville to get some great brews (hello Ale Trail), so we would recommend you getting a crowler to take home with you.  But what shall you drink it out of?  We will suggest glasses from Pretentious Glass Company.  They have some incredible glasses to fit your every need from a pale ale to a sturdy stout (think about the difference between a champagne glass and a red wine glass and apply the concept to beer).  Bonus – you can have a drink and watch glasses being made!

History Buff

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2. History Buff

Knoxville has so much incredible history, from the time of the pioneers to the Civil War, from suffrage to the 1982 World’s Fair.  If you know someone who would enjoy knowing more (helpful in planning a trip here too!), we can suggest any of local historian Jack Neely’s books.  Jack is the Executive Director of the Knoxville History Project, so who better to learn the ins and outs of this city’s past?  He has written about various Knoxville neighborhoods, icons like the Tennessee Theatre, and of course several blog posts for the VK blog on all kinds of topics.  Our Visitor Center has some of his works, including the recent book Historic Knoxville; The Curious Visitor’s Guide to Its Stories and Places. 

For an even bigger selection of books  than what the VK Gift Shop has, check out the East Tennessee History Center.  They have hundreds of titles on Knoxville and East Tennessee History.  They also carry other locally crafted items like baskets, pottery, candles, hand made brooms, art, and more.

Health Nut

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3. Health Nut

This one is to satisfy that Crossfitter in your life (even though listening to their workout routine makes you feel bad about your nagging Nutella habit).  Let’s stay positive, maybe you’ll start working out again in the new year.  Maybe.  Anyway – this person probably likes all kinds of healthy protein powders, probiotics, workout blends (I really should know what a collagen peptide is).  Good news – you can find all kinds of fun stuff like this at Eddie’s Health Shoppe (two locations: downtown and west).

Fashion Diva

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4. Fashion Diva

There are SO many good boutiques here, we’re almost not sure where to begin.  And even better, they can be found in all corners of the county from Farragut to Fountain City.  For a quick stocking stuffer, some baubles from Val’s Boutique or Josie’s Boutique in Powell will work perfectly.  For a high-end present, consider a bag designed by Patricia Nash, headquartered here in Knoxville (they have men’s wallets and bags too).  If you have no idea what you’re looking for – but will know when you see it – visit the Southern Market in Bearden.

Citifido Storefront
Photo credit: Alans Simms / Inside of Knoxville

5. Pet Lover

CitiFid-o is THE place to go for all things doggo.  Leashes, treats, toys, outfits to embarrass your pooch – you name it, they’ve got it.  And of course they’re pet-friendly, so take your furry friend with you!  If you really love to spoil, River Dog Bakery is another place to shop for freshly-baked treats with your pet.

Outdoors Enthusiast

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6. Outdoors Enthusiast

The temps have dropped but that is not going to stop your nature-loving pals from planning their next adventure.  Might as well help ‘em out with some gear from River Sports!  They have items in all price ranges, from gadgets to clothing to kayaks.  If you need a break from your holiday shopping, they have a climbing wall on site!

Sweet Tooth

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Front patio of Preservation Pub
Photo credit: Alans Simms / Inside of Knoxville

7. Sweet Tooth

Quite possibly the opposite of gift receiver #3, this is for those of us who savor sweets.  For the chocolate cravers, visit Bradley’s in West Knoxville for everything from solid chocolates in the shape of our beloved state to the aptly named Tennessee Walking Stick.  If a classic popcorn tin is more your style, look no further than Proper Popcorn with a location in Market Square and another in West Knoxville.

Artsy Fartsy

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8. Artsy Fartsy

Not enough opportunities to say the phrase ‘artsy-fartsy’ so thought we’d throw it in here.  You’re welcome.  Anyway!  Knoxville has an incredible thriving arts and culture scene (hello First Friday), and lots of places to peruse and buy local art.  Whether you’re looking for high-end galleries (head straight to Bearden, do not pass go, do not collect $200) or more ‘modern-maker type art (Rala and Jacks are gonna be your jam), Knoxville has something for both the silly and the snobby.

Java Junkie

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9. Java Junkie

Raise your hand if you need a jolt when you wake up…and at 11am….and at 2pm…and 4pm….and…okay you might have a problem.  Ignore the problem and go shopping for fresh coffee beans, check out this list of local shops to pick up everything from single origin to blends, from Kenya to Colombia.  Caffeine, not cotton, is the fabric of our lives.

Gift Guide for Men

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Store front window at Mast General Store
Photo credit: Alans Simms / Inside of Knoxville

10. Gift Guide for Men

Men are notoriously hard to shop for, I mean, who wants to give yet ANOTHER tie?  (maybe he actually could use a tie - try M.S. McClellan & Co. or William & Wylie, both menswear shops have high-end options!)  But for those who want to gift something else, we have some additional suggestions.  If he wants to look super fly (who doesn’t), take a look at Marc Nelson Denim.  For the simple t-shirt loving dudes, Nothing Too Fancy and DW Designs are good choices.

If he’s really into his record collection right now and you want to add to it, flip through some sleeves at these local shops.  For comicon fans, a stop at Sci Fi City or Tall Man Toys & Comics is in store.

Gift Guide for Babies, Toddlers, Children

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11. Gift Guide for Babies, Toddlers, Children

Little ones can also be a challenge (in more ways than one), but there are some great places to shop for them in Knoxville.  For high-end boutique fashion, Twig and Crenshaw’s both have plenty of options.  Bliss & Tori Mason Shoes carries cute stocking stuffer gifts for babies, and Smart Toys & Books has gifts that will delight preschoolers and elementary aged kiddos (they also have an interactive playroom on-site!).  Mast General Store has something for ages 9 months to 99.
Hope this helps you buy some local Knoxville gifts, there’s something for every gift giver out there!

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