The Maker City monthly blog takes a look at locations where makers are found in The Maker City and features some of Knoxville area’s outstanding makers – artists, crafters and so much more. This month’s blog features Honeymouth in the Old City, and Solana, one of the small businesses featured there.

Georgia Vogel of Honeymouth

Georgia VogelHow did you get started as a leather designer/maker? 

While in undergrad and grad school at the University of Tennessee, I spent extensive time working in taxidermy and exploring natural materials. After college I worked in Brooklyn for an incredibly talented “jack-of-all-trades” artist who taught me a wide variety of processes; I then taught public school art for six years which allowed me much time for experimentation.

I've always been a purse-and-shoe gal, so working with leather and transitioning into accessory design was a natural and exciting process for me. It kind of felt like all of my years and experiences as an artist have culminated into this one perfect niche.

What do you make, and how?

We specialize in leather handbags and small accessories, and everything is made here in Knoxville by a very talented team of women.

You are a speaker/leader at the Maker City Summit this year, what is your topic?

I am thrilled to be participating in this year’s The Maker City Summit, speaking on the topic of product pricing. Recognizing our own value and the value of our time is one of the most important lessons I've learned as a maker, and I can't wait to share my perspective, failures and successes with Summit attendees. I am so grateful to be a part of The Maker City, and for the endless resources and support that the Maker City Summit provides to makers and entrepreneurs. 

Where are your products offered for sale? 

We sell our leather goods in our shop at 125 S. Central Street and on our website, as well as a small collection in the Visit Knoxville Visitors Center. We also sell wholesale to a variety of boutiques around the country, and internationally through a variety of online stores as well. 

Born and raised in Knoxville, Georgia Vogel has spent most of her adult life here. She currently lives in South Knox with her husband and their large brood of animals “who we love more than anything on earth."

Linnea SteffyLinnea Steffy of Solana

How did you get started in the sustainable home/beauty business?

I started learning about clean ingredients and sustainable products when my mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2019. I started making candles for my family and friends, and eventually it turned into a business! 

What do you make, and how?

We make sustainable home and body products with nontoxic ingredients in our studio right here in Knoxville. Everything is poured by hand.

You use organic ingredients and your packaging -- including shipping materials -- is 100% compostable. Why do you choose sustainable practices for your business? 

I believe that businesses have a huge impact on consumer waste, especially with product packaging and shipping materials. When I am designing our products it‘s important to me that we aren’t creating plastic waste for our customers and contributing to the growing issues with consumer waste globally! 

Where are your products offered for sale? 

At Honeymouth, 125 S. Central, and our website.

Originally from Sweetwater, Linnea Steffy attended the University of Tennessee. She lives in Knoxville with her husband and their two Siberian Huskies.