Say goodbye to ugly neckties, and treat dear old Dad to something he loves! Father's Day is the one day of the year that you can secure your spot as the favorite child, and this week's Local Yelp is here to make that dream a reality. 

Smoky's Tabacco & Cigars - 

“Knoxville is lucky to have so many good cigar shops... Smoky's is my go-to when the weather is too cold to sit outside and enjoy a smoke. Employees are knowledgeable, eager to assist, and good to chat with if you're staying and smoking.” Yelper Jody C

Pretentious Glass Co - 

“The handmade beer glasses make perfect gifts! I spent well over $150 on Christmas gifts here, and I can't wait for my family from out of state to open them. I also like that it's a local shop and they make the stuff right there where you buy everything.” Yelper SH

Lambert Acres Golf Course - 

“Lambert Acres... is a beautiful 27 hole golf course, a pleasant mix of par 5's and 3's. Select from the three set of nine holes on this well kept picturesque course... worth the drive and stopped by the clubhouse.” Yelper Douglas W

Willy's Butcher Shop - 

“Been shopping here since the day it opened simply because it's a fabulous butcher shop... Cuts of beef I'd never heard of or can't get anywhere else such as a long bone cowboy rib eye, whole pig heads, wonderful cold smoked pork chops, and on and on.” Yelper Wayne C

Tennessee Smokies Baseball - 

“What a Great stadium! Everyone that works here is so nice, and it's a really well kept clean stadium. And what a great assortment of beer and food. So much fun.” Yelper Cherie


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