There is nothing like Game Day in Knoxville. It's not just Saturday when the Big Orange faithful come out. It starts on Friday in offices and on campuses around town. Everywhere you look is a spot of white and orange. Don't get me wrong, if you wear the wrong orange someone will tell you. Just ask Sarah upstairs when I wore my burnt orange skirt thinking I was cool.  No matter what time the game, families are up early packing the grill and tents, getting their boats over to Volunteer Landing and cooking for the masses. Seems USA Today and 10 Best decided that it was pretty cool as well. We are in there with some pretty special cities, but as many of you know, home is where we bleed orange. There are fair weather fans, and for the past couple of years, we have had some trouble... but no matter what people don their orange and hope this is the season where we take it all. Honestly, this season has been a good one. We are rebuilding and Coach Jones and the players know this and we'll keep cheering and hoping. So whether you watch the game in one of the best stadiums around or have surround sound, just know that we are one of the best places to go out and enjoy the game. Rocky Top never sounded so good.