written by: Brittany Vaughn

The Tennessee Riverboat is one of the most unique experiences Knoxville has to offer. They have lunch cruises, dinner cruises and also host many different special events. The events range from concerts to banquets to holiday cruises. It is a fun family experience that everyone can enjoy. What a great way to explore the Tennessee River and get a chance to see some of Knoxville from a different perspective. My experience with the Tennessee Riverboat was absolutely wonderful. I had a chance to do something away from the ordinary dinner and movie night, so I went on a night cruise.  Since it was dark out, the lights from the city were such a beautiful sight from the water. I had never seen the city from the water before!  We went on a straightaway along the back side of the University of Tennessee Campus. There was a deck on top of the boat where you have a chance to walk around, enjoy the weather and get a great view.

In the lower deck area, there are tables set up with a dance floor stage. There was a D.J. and karaoke booth set up so we took turns all night singing our favorite songs. Everyone was having a great time dancing on the dance floor and singing along. The Riverboat staff also caters, so there was a buffet dinner set up in the lower deck area and the food was great and definitely added another reason to come back. There was something for every age group to enjoy on our cruise, so everyone stayed entertained the entire time.   The scenery, food, and entertainment were all amazing. I will definitely take the time to go on a sightseeing cruise during the day.  I heard the Captain narrates the tour and you really get to take in the scenery.  The only thing I would change about my trip on the Tennessee Riverboat cruise was that I wished it would never end!