Knoxville has the wonderful blessing of being located right on the Tennessee river. For city dwellers, that’s an amazing view, and for families seeking the wilds it provides an easy route up and downstream to get out and about and see some of nature. Nature which is, by the way, in no short supply - Knoxville is the gateway to Great Smoky Mountains, the nation’s most visited national park.

One of the most time honored and constructive outdoors trips going is the humble fishing trip. If you haven’t considered going fishing with your family, doing it whilst exploring the outdoors of Knoxville is a great idea.

Why Fish?

You might be asking why you would want to get out into the water, or the river bank, and start fishing. Well, fishing is an ever popular past-time that involves practice to get the most out of your trips. Even then, the smallest catch will feel an achievement, and especially to your kids. Setting up a safe fishing trip for your family is straightforward, too, meaning that you can ensure your kids’ safety with a few key considerations.

Why is it good for my kids?

The 21st century has brought around a lot of focus on digital technology, the wonders of the internet and so on. Whilst undoubtedly a magical learning and recreational environment, the digital home cannot provide the same set of benefits nature does. With nature proven to assist wellbeing and demanding real-world, practical skills to maneuver within, the benefits of getting your kids out and about is well founded. When it comes to fishing, they’ll be learning practical skills, a good bit of natural biology and be bonding with their parents to boot over the challenge of making a catch.


Knoxville has great state laws to assist fishing enthusiasts. Within the city itself, it may be worth planning a route yourself as there are countless fishing spots given the extensive wet zones in the city. You can catch a good variety of fish in these areas to give your kids a learning experience.

So, there you have it. Fishing is a great past-time, for teaching your family something about real-life skills and for getting out and about in the great wilderness of Tennessee. Try it out for your next vacation - you won’t be disappointed.

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