Hi! My name is Daisy and I live in Knoxville, Tennessee. I am a rescue. Since leaving the shelter I have a new leash on life and I want to share my pawsome city with you! So let’s get started! If your humans are bringing you, there are things you’ll need to tell them.

First off, you guys had better get used to wearing that leash! Knoxville is super dog friendly but to walk the streets you have to wear a leash. It’s cool though. We have 7 dog parks where you can run free and smell other dogs' derrieres! Look here’s me so excited I can’t keep my eyes open! 

And here’s a link to those parks https://www.visitknoxville.com/things-to-do/outdoors/parks/dog-parks

Oops! If someone didn’t pack your doggie bed, let’s find somewhere to stay! A lot of hotels are super pet friendly AND you can walk all over downtown. Just don’t try to get on a trolley. Those are just for the humans. https://www.visitknoxville.com/hotels/pet-friendly-hotels

More good news. While your human is out enjoying the fine cuisine here, you can join in! Knoxville has many pet friendly patios. I say pet friendly because we have TWO PIGS that visit these same patios. I’m not sure I trust them just quite yet! A lot of these patios have dog bowls for water and great dog watching. If your human is giving you scraps, I’m a little jelly. 

After they have their tasty treats, how about some for us? There’s a barkaliscious store downtown called City Fid-o where you can go pick out some yummy treats. Or, if you eat through leashes like I do, you can get stuff like that there. Another place right outside the city is where my mom got me my first birthday cake. Seriously, I had to share it with the cat. This is from River Dog Bakery.

There are also dog treats at the Farmer’s Market, but we aren’t allowed to walk down the middle so you might have to send the kids in for that treat!

Now let’s get out there and do some fun stuff. I love to howl so I try to get to the WDVX Blue Plate Special at the Visitors Center as much as I can. The Visitors Center is pet friendly and in the summer it’s nice and cool on my paws. They have treats there, too!

I like to eat feather boas so I am looking forward to my first Mardi Growl this winter. Word at the dog park is that dogs fill the streets of Knoxville in a parade. Speaking of parades, there’s one coming up! HOWL-O-WEEN is free for everyone.  If you want to dress up or your person wants to embarrass you it is $10 to register for that parade. Get your checkbook out mom! In June, there’s something called Bike Boat Brew & Bark… seems like there’s something for everyone in this and there are POOLS for you to splash around in! Looks like a "corgi"nundrum here! 

Bottom line, you are pawsitively going to LOVE Knoxville! #knoxrocks #knoxbarks