Confederate Memorial Hall (Bleak House) in Knoxville, TennesseeConfederate Memorial Hall provides some of the most beautiful scenery along the Tennessee River. From the antebellum mansion to the gorgeous gardens and the sights of the Tennessee River passing behind the home, the Confederate Memorial Hall is one of Knoxville’s historic homes not to miss. Make plans for your family or group to visit this beautiful home near the University of Tennessee and downtown Knoxville. Learn about the history from the families who occupied the space while walking through each room and then hear about when General Longstreet and his staff stayed at this location during the Civil War. See the homemade blockade anchor and chain that was used to block forces along the Tennessee River during the Siege of Knoxville in 1863. Whether visitors love history or beautiful homes, the Confederate Memorial Hall has both of these options for families and groups to enjoy. For more information, please visit