On October 26, 1796, Tennessee became the 16th state admitted to the union after Independence Day. In honor of this momentous occasion, October 26 is known as National Tennessee Day. One of the most recognizable symbols of Tennessee, the Tri-Star, sits proudly in the center of its state flag. The symbol connects Tennessee’s three distinct regions of west, middle, and east figuratively by positioning the points of three stars to meet perfectly together in the middle. To celebrate Tennessee Day, we’re showcasing all things Tri-Star at Visit Knoxville with several locally made products!

English Rose Farm’s all natural Tri-Star Soap bursts with a citrus scent sure to refresh and cleanse.

Pretentious Glass Co.’s Tri-Star Paperweights are classic, distinguished statement pieces suitable for any décor, whether at the office or home.

SoKno Woodworking’s Tri-Star Keychain reflects the down-to-earth rustic atmosphere of Tennessee with its light weight, durability, and natural simplicity.

Honeymouth Leather’s Tri-Star Coaster is made from high quality leather and carefully crafted with inspiration borne from a local artist’s love of nature.

These small-batch, handcrafted Tri-Star products are just a few examples of the unique craftsmanship of proud Tennessee makers. These items and more can be found at Visit Knoxville’s Gift Shop, both in store and online.