The Knoxville


A Guide to the Historic House Museums of Knoxville

In and around Knoxville is an array of photogenic historic homes, houses noted for their age, architecture, and stories of the people who lived there. No two are very much alike. Some have been known and respected as house museums for almost a century, while another is a relatively recent addition…

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Downtown Knoxville: The Book

Downtown Knoxville never fails to attract attention, with relatively narrow streets reflecting its 18th-century origins, a public square of unusual shape, and a variety of large buildings of different styles in brick and marble, most of them built before 1930. And most of it’s on top of a 60-foot…

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A Guide to the Unique Architecture of World's Fair Park

We take World’s Fair Park for granted, as a venue for concerts and festivals, but next time you’re down there, have a look around. There may be nowhere like it in the world. It’s a pretty extraordinary assemblage of more than a century’s worth of architecture, from mid-Victorian industrial to some…

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World's Fair Music

Knoxville has always been a music town, but the 1982 World’s Fair helped finally bring Knoxville into the musical spotlight. Read on and click through the links to hear some tunes on YouTube! Many great artists performed at the Fair, from Hollywood legend Bob Hope to classical greats Isaac Stern…

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After 40 years, it’s still hard to believe it happened. Even those who don’t remember the 1982 World’s Fair – and at this point, most Americans weren’t even alive then – are obliged to know something about it. It’s the answer to “What’s that big golden thing standing on the west side of downtown?”…

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The 1982 World’s Fair: 13 Things that Made It Memorable

Forty years ago, Knoxville hosted a world’s fair to highlight ways of dealing with a future with limited supplies of energy. Planned during the Energy Crisis of the 1970s, the big fair, originally known as the Knoxville International Energy Exposition, presented hundreds of solutions, both in terms…

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