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5 Places to Find a Rainbow

Finding a rainbow requires a specific meteorological condition – sunlight passing through the prism of water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. Here are 5 places to find some “rainbows” in Knoxville! 1. Weaving Rainbow Mountain This mural gives lots of opportunity for…

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Guide to Knoxville Greenways

Outside recreation is BIG in Knoxville with more visitors enjoying the outdoors in every season than ever before. Bicycling in all its forms is a major attraction in and of itself: Knoxville has hosted the USA Cycling National Championships for a few years and looks to welcome them back in 2021;…

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Guide to Mountain Biking in Knoxville for Beginners

Knoxville offers year-round access to some of the best mountain biking in the Southeast. A few days in Knoxville can feature long flowy jump lines, rocky technical descents, or beautiful backcountry XC riding. Mountain biking is a staple of Knoxville’s outdoor recreation scene, and there are great…

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Guide to Knoxville Bike Rentals

Knoxville offers over 160 miles of greenways and trails and has become a mountain biking destination over the past decade. The varied terrain and lush open spaces offer a wide variety of biking opportunities for families and recreational cyclists seeking relatively flat paved greenways, for road…

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Guide to Birding in Knoxville

Knoxville is a birding town! You may not know it, but there are over 12 different 'birding hotspots' identified by the TN Ornithological Society, all in and around Knoxville! The diverse ecosystems of our region offer ample opportunities to spot new bird species. Our home is a stopping point along…

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5 Best Winter Hikes

5 Best Winter Hikes When the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, most people hunker down inside and avoid the cold. But taking a winter hike…

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