Knoxville, TN - Come to the Blount Mansion to learn more about our Mysterious Past - Legends, Customs, and Myths will be the focus of these special, candlelight and flashlight tours of the mansion.  

How many people died in this house throughout the years?  Why did the Cherokee people call this “the House with Many Eyes?” Were some people really buried with a bell to alert people that they had been buried alive? Did the Blounts have a tunnel that lead down to the river to make a quick escape if needed?  These questions and more will be answered at this exciting event.

We will also allow the most adventurous visitors into the Craighead-Jackson House right next door, for the first time in several years. You don't want to miss this special opportunity to learn some history, and maybe get a bit spooked!

Tickets are only $10 per person.

Tours are available for a limited time only on Tuesday; October 28, Wednesday, October 29; and Thursday, October 30.  Tours will begin at 5:30 pm and end by 9pm, with the last tour to leave at 8pm.

To purchase tickets visit our marketplace at , or for more information call (865)525-2375 or email

Blount Mansion is Knoxville's only National Historic Landmark given by the National Park Service and is the oldest house museum in Knox County. It is owned and operated by the Blount Mansion Association, Inc., a nonprofit, educational organization.

“The mission of the Blount Mansion Association is to heighten the public’s knowledge, appreciation, and understanding of William Blount and the Blount Mansion by preserving the site and providing quality educational and cultural experiences.”