RewardExpert - a free service that helps travelers fly for cheap by maximizing points and miles - today released a ranking of the best mid-sized cities to visit in 2017. The report analyzed over 250 mid-sized cities across the U.S. to create an aggregate score used to determine the top five cities for all of the major U.S. regions including the Northeast, Midwest, Mountain West, Pacific West, South Central and South Atlantic.

“Travelers typically belong to one of two camps; they either want to explore the wonders of nature, or delve into a city’s unique culture,” says RewardExpert CEO Roman Shteyn. “The cities that fall in between America’s biggest metropolises and most remote hamlets offer experiences that can delight both camps. We’ve uncovered that mid-sized cities offer a diverse range of activities in a more leisurely atmosphere and at a more affordable price ”

These are the top cities by region in RewardExpert’s Best Mid-Sized Cities to Visit in 2017

  • Syracuse, NY is #1 in the Northeast.  Syracuse has over 30 restaurants per ten thousand residents and is home to a number of signature cultural events, such as the Syracuse Jazz Festival that takes place every summer.
  • Ann Arbor, MI is #1 in the Midwest. Travelers to Ann Arbor, home to the University of Michigan, would enjoy the many amenities this college-towns offer has to offer. There are many museums and galleries, restaurants and bars, as well as opportunities to watch sports.
  • Boulder, CO is #1 in the Mountain West. Boulder is surrounded by thousands of acres of recreational space. Ski enthusiasts will love being surrounded by numerous ski resorts while being able to enjoy Boulder’s vibrant cultural scene.
  • Eugene, OR is #1 t in the Pacific West. Eugene is known for its beauty, art, and restaurant scene. The city is home to the Willamette River Bike Trail: a scenic trail for biking and walking.
  • Knoxville, TN is #1 in the South Central region. Knoxville is the third largest city in Tennessee and is known as one of America’s best cities for music. There are roughly 50 restaurants and bars per ten thousand residents, making Knoxville a great destination for those who want to grab a bite and listen to some tunes.
  • Charleston, SC is #1 in the South Atlantic. Charleston has a rich history, well-preserved architecture, and distinguished restaurants. Charleston has 54 restaurants, cafes, and bars per 10,000 residents, which is more than any other city in the region.


To help travelers discover which U.S. mid-sized cities are the best to visit in 2017, RewardExpert compared U.S. cities that have between 100,000 and 300,000 residents using thirteen metrics distributed across four key dimensions: Affordability, Safety, Recreational Activities, and City Profile. An aggregate score was given to each city to determine its final ranking by region.

For more information and to view the full report, visit the RewardExpert website.

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