For years since the closing of the marble business, artists and musicians have been drawn to the Candoro Marble Building because of its inspirational architecture and beautiful grounds.

With great anticipation for swapping stories, South Knoxville marble artisans encourage everyone to re-discover South Knoxville and visit Knoxville’s historic Candoro Marble Building… where art and history come together to enhance the community.

Docents of the historic marble building volunteer their time and talents for this homespun reunion to encourage visitors to South Knoxville’s beautiful Candoro Marble Building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Sunday afternoon get-together at Candoro harkens back to a time when South Knoxville was the largest supplier of Tennessee pink marble in the United States. The Candoro Building is covered floor to ceiling in marble and currently serves South Knoxville’s Vestal community as a place for art, yoga, and celebration.

Candoro Fall Homecoming takes place on Sunday, October 23rd 2:00 – 6:00 pm with a Chili Supper and music by Knox County Jug Stompers. Everyone is encouraged to bring marble items and showcase their marble objects made by the craftsmen who worked at the Candoro Marble Company from the 1920s through the 1970s.

“This is a homespun way for us to fellowship and honor Albert Milani, the beloved master carver who worked at Candoro Marble Company for many years,” says Madeline Hylton, organizer of the event.

Visitors can tour the historic building, sit on chunks of marble, listen to the live band, and savor Chili on an autumn afternoon. 

“A traditional Sunday homecoming is a neighborly way celebrate this meaningful space in Vestal… the heart of South Knoxville. The general public is invited to cross the river and re-discover why Knoxville is nicknamed “The Marble City.”

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