October 16, 2019 (Knoxville, TN) – The Knoxville Museum of Art is pleased to announce the addition of an important example of contemporary sculpture to the museum grounds:  Nocturne I by Karen LaMonte.

Nocturne I (2019), a cast-iron sculpture by Karen LaMonte (b. 1967), was commissioned with funds provided by KMA patrons Nancy and Stephen Land.  LaMonte is celebrated internationally for her elegant, life-sized draped “figures” in which the body is absent but its volume and mass convincingly suggested by the skillful arrangement of drapery.  Nocturne I was modeled and cast in Prague, Czech Republic, where LaMonte maintains her studio. The KMA work represents a new direction for the artist, who made her reputation with sculptures cast in transparent glass, a medium that cannot stand up to year-round exposure to the outside elements. The KMA’s LaMonte sculpture is made of cast iron, which can withstand the rigors of weather. Nocturne I is the second work by the artist to enter the collection:  the museum also owns a LaMonte cast-glass sculpture, Chado, a favorite of KMA visitors, donated by Washington D.C. collector Mary Corkran.

Nocturne I has been installed on the north side of the museum’s Clayton Building in the Land Family Sculpture Garden.  This outdoor exhibition space, created as part of the comprehensive 2014 renovation of the KMA, honor Nancy and Stephen Land’s generous contributions to the museum renovation project.  The sculpture stands on a solid block of pink Tennessee marble, the same material that sheathes the Clayton Building. The base was quarried locally and fabricated by the Tennessee Marble Company in Friendsville. 

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Karen LaMonte (New York 1967; lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic)

Nocturne 1, 2019. Cast iron, 2/3, 60 x 26.5 x 19 inches, Knoxville Museum of Art, 2019 purchase with funds provided by Nancy and Stephen Land                  

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