Knoxville, TN - Craft brewers from nine different Knoxville businesses have created a locally harvested honeysuckle saison for the 5th Annual Knox Brewfest. This limited-edition keg is available only at the Knox Brew Tours booth. Tastings start at 6:00pm.

“It’s phenomenal to have the Knoxville craft beer community join together in a project like this.  It will go a long way toward promoting the city as one of the centers of craft beer in the Southeast region” says Zack Roskop, owner of Knox Brew Tours.

Named the “Knoxville Honeysuckle Saison”, the collaboration beer includes one pound of fresh picked honeysuckles from Lakeshore Park, five pounds of local honey, and rose water. The body of the beer sticks true to a Belgian style saison while the aroma contains strong floral notes and sweet honey.

Each brewery listed was involved in the planning, brewing, and fermenting of this exclusive beer. Breweries involved include Alliance Brewing Co., Balter Beerworks, Blackhorse Brewery, Crafty Bastard Brewery, Hexagon Brewing Co., Pretentious Beer & Glassware Co.,  Saw Works Brewing Co., Schulz Brau Brewery, & Woodruff's Brewing Co.  Exclusive collaboration beer t-shirts will be available at Brewfest as well. Proceeds of the t-shirts sales will go towards the first ever Knoxville Brewer’s Guild.

Matt McMillian, coordinator of Knoxville Brewfest, says “As we celebrate our 5th year, Knoxville Brewfest is excited to see the long-awaited surge in our hometown craft breweries. We are proud to showcase the camaraderie of Knoxville's young craft breweries, as they came together to brew a unique beer to share at the Fest.”