Knoxville, TN – What better way to beat the winter doldrums than driving 1,400 miles visiting 76 breweries in just 21 days in a mini-bus! Join us for the road trip of all road trips. You can learn about Tennessee’s craft brewing scene in just 21 days. There is no doubt that craft beer is exploding across the state of Tennessee. One Knoxville small business owner wants to elevate that culture even more by visiting EVERY Tennessee brewery in 21 days, January 24th - February 13th.

Zack Roskop has spent his professional career educating locals and tourists about craft beer and the people who create it in the Knoxville area through his business, Knox Brew Tours. Now, he has decided to take his love of craft beer ‘on the road’ with a trip he’s calling The TN Beer Run.

The mission is simple: Highlight the wonderful craft beer the state of Tennessee has to offer. Roskop hopes to accomplish this through a statewide publication in the Tennessee Craft Beer Magazine’s spring issue’s cover article, and through his website, social media efforts, blogs and post trip 21 week YouTube series.

The team is traveling in the BREW BUS, a 1989 Chevy mini-bus and consists of Zack Roskop, Matt Malone (photographer), and Jessica Warblow (trip coordinator). Each day the crew will be sharing their experience through a series of Facebook live tours, and each day will have an “after party” open to locals and other craft beer enthusiasts.

A full schedule of the route, Facebook live tours, and after parties can be found on the website.



Contact: Zack Roskop

Phone: 865-466-9710



Social: @TheTNBeerRun