Knoxville, TN – You do not have to be a fat cat to attend the Tennessee Valley Cat Fanciers 40th Anniversary Cat Show. Come learn about all breeds of cats at the show. This year there will be cat agility and Bengal cats have been added to the competition. The show has been expanded to two days, March 25th and 26th at The Jacob Building at Chilhowee Park

The Cat Fanciers Association Annual Cat Show is to promote pedigree and non-pedigree cats.  The public can meet and learn about over 40 various breeds. Ten judges from around the country will award top ten finals to Kittens, Adults, and Premiers (neuters and spays) around 225 cats will be in attendance. Judges explain to the audience what they look for in each breed.

There is also a household pet division.

Think your cat cannot be trained? This year the CFA Show is introducing agility to the show. This is where cats of any breed or age can learn a racetrack of obstacles, runs, jumps and hoops in as fast a time as possible. The club has invited Jill Archibald of CFA to be the Ringmaster. Some of the cats get will receive regional and national titles as Agility Masters and Agility Champions.

Community rescue groups are encouraged to participate in the non-pedigree judging. Many of these feline rescues will also have adoptable cats and kittens.

Cats and their humans can go shopping in the vendor area as well.

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