Knoxville, Tenn. - The City of Knoxville Parks and Recreation Department has released the new edition of its City Greenways Map, featuring 86 miles of the City’s greenways and trails.

The maps will be distributed for free through City recreation centers, Outdoor Knoxville, Knox County libraries and Visit Knoxville.

“Greenways are the top requested recreation amenities in Knoxville,” said Joe Walsh, Knoxville Parks and Recreation Director. “This map has served as an excellent tool in helping residents know and understand their greenway system.”

New on the 2014 map is an illustration of the Urban Wilderness South Loop Trail, which just received the National Park Service’s National Trails Designation.

For the first time, the map contains photos of destinations that may be viewed from 15 featured greenways, including sites such as the Forks of the River sunflower fields, the Fort Dickerson Quarry, the Sunsphere, the Knoxville Botanical Gardens and Arboretum, Cedar Bluff’s wetlands, spectacular views of the Great Smoky Mountains and more.

The map was designed by User Friendly Maps and made possible through sponsorships from the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital and River Sports Outfitters.

City residents may call 311 to have a copy of the map mailed to their home for free. For more information on City greenways, please visit