Team Knoxville

Team Knoxville is a volunteer program consisting of over 2,000 people. Our team members are very diverse and range in age. Volunteers fill a valuable role in the community. The time and talent of our volunteers help make Knoxville a top destination for visitors. Our volunteers continuously provide qualified and caring volunteer services for the great city of Knoxville.

Why Get Involved?

Team Knoxville is a great way to become part of fun events in your community and meet new people. You will gain immense satisfaction by helping others while also giving back to the community.

Our community needs elbow grease! Let's work together and make new friends, feel satisfied, and improve our physical health. We encourage you to take part in making Knoxville enjoyable and memorable for all its visitors.

Come be a part of Team Knoxville and we will watch our community grow together, as a team.

Contact Laney Shorter at or (865) 342-9143 to find out how you can get involved.